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Monthly plan "sell full online"

Only 9966 units of this product remain

$ 74,990 Monthly plan  

  No activation costs.

Each company charges its services separately (Jumpseller, Transbank, Mercado Libre, Google)

Includes FullPyme PC Windows:

  • Inventory control software to keep your stock in sync on your Jumpseller website, Mercado Libre, Facebook, Instagram and your local business.
  • Compatible with hundreds of printers, barcode readers, and more.
  • Hundreds of modules and reports that will help you make the best decisions (checkout control, +200 reports, bank reconciliation, payments, purchases and more).
  • Electronic Billing authorized by the SII.
  • Your information in the cloud and permanently backed up.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Installation on all your Windows computers.

All unlimited DTEs, no cost per DTE issued:

  • e-invoice
  • e-ballot
  • e-credit note
  • e-debit note
  • e-credit note
  • e-guides
  • e-invoice settlement
  • e-purchase invoice
  • e-export documents

When hiring during August for FREE:

  • Design of your basic website, creation of your company logo (we design and personalize your logo in digital format) and up to 3 banners.
  • Website in your own domain (
  • Creation of your social networks Facebook and Instagram with virtual store and possibilities to advertise on the most important networks.
  • We will manage your first 15 images for social networks in the format requested by Facebook and Instagram.
  • We activate all the free and paid Google services with permanent advice so that you can obtain Advertising, information, your corporate emails, appear within the first searches and more.
  • Advice so that you can contract your means of payment such as Transbank or Mercado Pago.

We advise you permanently for the creation and / or connection with each of the following applications for you to sell online:

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