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Plan "starting from scratch" - jumpseller

$149.990 $599.990
Only 9997 units of this product remain

Activation: $ 149,990  

INCLUDES discount for $ 450,000.

From the following month, it pays $ 74,990 monthly plan.

Includes FullPyme PC:

  • Inventory Control Software
  • Point of sale
  • Electronic billing

All unlimited DTEs, no cost per DTE issued:

  • e-Invoice
  • e-ballot
  • e-credit note
  • e-debit note
  • e-guides
  • e-invoice settlement
  • e-purchase invoice
  • e-export documents

PC - Unlimited

Your data
on the cloud

Connect your Jumpseller shopping cart to make e-tickets or e-invoices. You must have a plan with the Jumpseller company (we help you in the hiring process).

- Control the price and inventory of your products on your website.
- We connect your page. We help and train you to design it yourself.

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