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Test 4

The Revelation Pack includes:

Android One 910 AP terminal with printer, WiFi connections, SIM Card (not included) and Bluetooth. Print from anywhere in the world. 1 year warranty.

1 year of FullPyme Plan Alfa * to work from any PC device with Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android.

You get electronic invoicing.

* After 12 months, you cancel the current value.

All unlimited DTEs, no cost per DTE issued:

  • e-ballot
  • e-voucher
  • e-invoice (soon)
  • e-credit note (soon)
  • e-guides (soon)

Easy software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
and users
Your data
on the cloud
Sending ballots to the SII automatically (optional).
Automatic download of CAF Folios (optional).

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