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Dispatch conditions

Customer service hours (call center and social networks): Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Company in charge of delivery: FullPyme. Table 1.

Delivery Type

Commercial terms

Delivery time


Coverage: Metropolitan Region Radio Urbano / Greater Santiago /

No minimum purchase
Delivery value: $ 2,990

24-hour average, within business hours.

Shipments to all of Chile, payable, through Chilexpress or Starken

No minimum purchase

Delivery value: It will depend on the company that dispatches and the shipping address.

It will depend on the company that dispatches and the shipping address.

Commercial conditions:

Access and use of this site is governed by the Terms and Conditions described below, as well as by the legislation that applies in the Republic of Chile. Consequently, all visits and all contracts and transactions carried out by a client or user of FullPyme on this site, as well as its legal effects, will be governed by these rules and subject to that legislation.

These Terms and Conditions are part of all the acts and contracts that are executed or celebrated through the offer and commercialization systems of this site between clients or users and FullPyme Limitada., Which will be referred to as “the company” from now on, "The offering company", "the supplier", "FullPyme" or "the supplier company", as appropriate to the meaning of the text.

✅Registration of the user or client in FullPyme.cl

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and registration by the user will be a necessary requirement for the purchase of products and services on this site. These Terms and Conditions will be understood to be known and accepted by the mere fact of registration, which will include an express statement by the user regarding the knowledge of these conditions of use.

The registration of each user will be verified by completing and subscribing the form that contains the site and its subsequent submission, which is done automatically by clicking on the respective element.

✅Secret key

Once registered, the user will have an email and a definitive password to access the site in a personalized, confidential and secure way. The user will be able to change the password through the procedure established on the site or not. In addition, you will fully assume the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of your secret password, which allows you to make purchases, request services and obtain information. This password is for personal use and its delivery to third parties does not involve the responsibility of FullPyme Limitada or its related companies, in case of misuse.

✅ User rights

The user will enjoy all the rights recognized by the legislation on consumer protection in force in the territory of Chile, in addition to those granted in these terms and conditions. The user will have at all times the rights of information, rectification and cancellation of personal data in accordance with Law No. 19,628 on protection of personal data. The mere visit to this site does not impose any obligation on the consumer, unless he has unequivocally accepted the conditions offered by the company, in the manner indicated in these Terms and Conditions.

✅Use of registered personal data

The data provided on this site both in the registration and in the purchase process may be used to validate purchase information, report the status of the purchase, report the status of an eventual claim associated with a purchase and to make product changes. associated with a purchase. This contact may be by phone, text message, email, WhatsApp or other. These data can only be delivered to affiliated companies or related to FullPyme, in no case will they be transferred to third parties. Said delivery will be revocable by the user.

✅Procedure to use the site

In the contracts offered on this site, the bidder company will inform, in an unequivocal and easily accessible way, the steps that must be followed to enter into them, and will inform via e-mail when the contract request is received. This request will go through a process of validation of customer data, collection of products from the order based on the stock available in the room assigned to the customer according to their address or choice of dispatch method and, then, the contract will be closed by issuing the corresponding ticket. , which will be sent to the client together with the dispatch of their order.

The mere fact of following the steps, which for such purposes are indicated in this application to make a purchase, is equivalent to accepting that, indeed, the offering company has complied with the conditions contained in this number. It will also indicate your postal or electronic mail address and the technical means available to the consumer to identify and correct errors in the shipment or in your data.

✅Formation of consent in the contracts concluded

Through this site, companies will make offers of goods and services, which may be accepted through acceptance, electronically or by telephone, and using the mechanisms that the same site offers for this. Any acceptance of the offer will be subject to the condition precedent that the offering company validates the transaction. Consequently, for any operation carried out on this site, confirmation and / or validation or verification by the offering company will be a requirement for the formation of consent. To validate the transaction, the offering company will verify:

to. That it has, at the time of acceptance of the offer, the species in stock or substitutes.

b. That validates and accepts the means of payment offered by the user.

c. That the data registered by the client on the site coincide with those provided when accepting the offer. It will be the sole responsibility of the client that the data provided when requesting their order, such as name, address, commune, city, contact telephone numbers and email, are correct. Otherwise, if the authentication of all the indicated data is not possible, through the means that the provider considers pertinent and always before the start of the dispatch day of the order required by the client, the order request will be left void, proceeding to release the reserved space in a period not exceeding 10 calendar days from the date of entry of the order.

To inform the user about this validation, once the respective ticket has been generated, the offering company will send a written confirmation to the email registered by the user accepting the offer, or by any means of communication that guarantees due and timely knowledge of the consumer , which will be previously indicated on the same site. The consent will be understood to be signed from the moment this written confirmation is sent to the user.

✅The stock and the purchase limit

All products are subject to stock availability at the time of order collection.

✅Reservation and capture of transactions

Reservation: When the client places an order on the site or the app, a reservation of the subtotal of the purchase is made in the means of payment, which results from the sum of the products ordered and the cost of the service. This corresponds to the reserved amount indicated in the summary of the order sent to the customer.

Billing: After the order is collected, it is likely that there are products out of stock that will be replaced (by others of equal or greater value) or not shipped. The ticket or invoice will be issued only with the products sent.

✅Dispatch of the products

Products purchased through this site are subject to the dispatch and delivery conditions chosen by the user and available on the site. The information of the place of delivery, the registration of the same and the corroboration in the validation process of the purchase are the sole responsibility of the user.

The client is obliged to review their order at the time of delivery, in the event that it is left in the concierge of a condominium or received by a third party (at the client's request) it will be understood as accepted and will release FullPyme from any adjustment that It must be carried out later, due to lack of products.

✅Right of withdrawal

FullPyme Limitada does not adhere to the right of withdrawal. The user may not withdraw from the contracts entered into on this site, unless this possibility is expressly contemplated in a certain offer, in accordance with the provisions of article 3 Bis, letter B of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights.

✅Procedure for exchanges and returns

Without prejudice to what is indicated in the previous number, users or clients may request returns or exchanges, within the territory of continental Chile, in accordance with the provisions of Law 19.496 on the Protection of Consumer Rights. In the event that the cause that motivates the request for exchange or return is not contemplated in said regulations, FullPyme undertakes to review each case and evaluate a solution that can satisfy the customer, provided that the request is made within 24 hours. following receipt of the product.

The client must return the product (s) claimed in the conditions in which they were delivered, at the time the withdrawal / shipment of the requested change or return is coordinated.

If the purchased product has manufacturing faults, they have a 3-month warranty and the customer can choose to exchange, repair or refund the amount paid. To make the guarantee effective, the customer must request assistance through our service channels.

For changes, product returns and cancellation of orders, each of the legal guarantees established in the Law for the Protection of Consumer Rights in force in the Republic of Chile apply.

✅ Substitution criteria

In FullPyme you can choose the substitution criteria. In the event that a product is not available, during the collection of the purchase, we will contact our client to make the appropriate changes.

✅Validity and mechanics of offers and promotions

The prices of the products and services available on this site, as long as they appear on it, will only be valid and applicable in it and will not be applicable to other sales channels used by FullPyme, such as physical stores, catalogs or other websites enabled by FullPyme. .cl, for sale online, in specific locations. The company may modify any information contained in this site, including those related to merchandise, services, prices, stocks and conditions, at any time and without prior notice, respecting the purchases that have been accepted up to that time.

Offers and promotions are not cumulative with other current offers. Only the best current offer will apply.

The shipment of the requested quantity is subject to its availability in the place assigned to the client during the collection of the order.

✅Subscription to offers and promotions

The FullPyme.cl site in its various visits, whether in a visit by an unregistered user or one that is, offers the possibility to customers of receiving information on offers and promotions linked to the products marketed by FullPyme.cl. When subscribing through the express acceptance button, requiring the applicant's email, this information will be used for the sole purpose of sending the offers and promotions described and in no case will they be used for different or uninformed purposes. To stop receiving this information, the client must only cancel the acceptance or contact the Customer Service telephone number and the subscription will be inactive.

✅Other sites or applications

FullPyme.cl services are available only to those individuals who have the legal capacity to contract, as provided by current legislation. If a person does not have the legal capacity to contract, they must refrain from using the services offered in FullPyme.cl and the offeror may, at any time, temporarily or permanently, suspend the participation of users who are proven to lack the legal capacity to use of the services offered on the site or when when registering they provide information that is false, inaccurate or fraudulent.


Any presentation or claim related to acts or contracts executed or celebrated through this application must be presented to the FullPyme.cl Customer Service:


✅Limitation of liability

FullPyme Limitada is not responsible to users or third parties for damages that are a direct or indirect consequence of the interruption, suspension or termination of the services offered by the site, when these are due to acts of God or force majeure.


Disputes that arise in relation to what is established in these Terms and Conditions may be filed, at the consumer's choice, before the local police court corresponding to their domicile or the supplier's domicile. The foregoing does not impede the competence of the ordinary courts of justice for, among other cases, actions of collective or diffuse interest.

✅Terms and conditions of delivery services

In addition to what is indicated in the general Terms and Conditions, which are part of these services in their entirety, it is indicated below:

✅Authorize another person to withdraw the order

The user must leave it stipulated in the option that appears before making the payment of the order on our site. The order will not be delivered to another person if it was not indicated in that instance. The delivery of the purchase will only be made to persons over 18 years of age, after validating the identity of the person who withdraws with their respective identity document, which must be in force or by any electronic means provided for that purpose.

The carrier will ask the customer:

  1. Check that each product is properly sealed and without signs of adulteration.
  2. Corroborate the quantity of products to be received and the identification numbers of each one with the delivery document.
  3. If you consider that you are not satisfied, you must immediately notify the dealer.

✅Other conditions of the dispatch

If the client is not at home when the order arrives, we will try to contact him to notify and wait a maximum of 10 minutes. In case there is less than 10 minutes left to complete the delivery within the commitment period, we will wait the remaining time until the limit is met.

Additional charges will be incurred for resubmitting an order due to customer negligence. Indistinct of the company in charge of the dispatch.

There may be force majeure situations or fortuitous cases that lead us to not comply with the established commitment, which will be informed in a timely manner.

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